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Dr. Hardy M. Edwards, Jr. (1929 – 2007) was an Alumni Foundation Distinguished Professor of Poultry Science and Animal Nutrition and worked in the University of Georgia Department of Poultry Science for over 50 years.  Dr. Edwards and the University of Georgia hold several patents for using 1αOH-D3 and other vitamin D derivatives for improving the performance and welfare of broiler chickens.  Dr. Edwards,  realized the great potential for using 1αOH-D3 in broiler feeds.  The biggest obstacle he found to using 1αOH-D3 was that it was too expensive to produce in the large quantities that are needed.

                Dr. Edwards assembled a team to develop a new, more economical synthesis for 1αOH-D3, continue to research, and market 1αOH-D3 to the world’s broiler industry.  Our team:

Dr. Hardy M. Edwards, III, PhD.  CEO, Vitamin Derivatives, Inc.

Dr. George Majetich, PhD.  Professor of Organic Chemistry, The University of Georgia.

Dr. Gene Pesti, PhD.  Professor of Poultry Science and Animal Nutrition, The University of Georgia.

Dr. Richard Hill, PhD.  Emeritus Professor of Organic Chemistry, The University of Georgia.

Together the vitamin Derivatives inc team has developed a route to prepare 1αOH-D3 in an efficient enough fashion to be able to make it available to you economically.  1αOH-D3 can be especially helpful in these times of very high phosphorus prices, concern for minimizing phosphorus pollution, and maintaining broiler welfare.



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Office Manager
          Melanie Ware  

Product Synthesis Managers
          James Neves, M.S. Organic Chemistry
          Tyler Wyly, M.S. Organic Chemistry

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          Michelle Benson